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Carl has essentially become my big brother...

Carl has essentially become my big brother over the span of two years that includes two house purchases, one house sale, and a zillion house showings in between.  Carl is the ultimate agent to have on your side. His business savvy made him a skilled negotiator both when I was trying to lower the  price as a homebuyer and trying to raise the price as a home seller. His dynamite personality is a mixture of unwavering support and tough love... depending on what I needed at the moment ;-) He was never afraid to give me reality checks when I panicked. "Carmen, take a deep breath... I've got this handled."  He could say this because he had earned my family's trust unequivocally. I can't say enough about my adopted big brother... he even called my mom for Mother's Day. Sold my house in 9 days! Yup. That awesome... and Dan too! Save yourself the headache and use the Frampton brothers to advocate for you. They're already waiting for my phone call to upsize to my next house... sorry guys! Gotta wait.  Much love, The Parker Family

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